Eat out place (Kuala Lumpur) (posted on April 2012)

This is something from what so called my KL-regular-trip, after I don’t know how many times I visited Kuala Lumpur. Most of the time I stay at the exact same place, sightseeing is not on the priority list anymore. So it goes down to food.
During my regular visit there, I’ve been explored some places to eat around the area, and these are some of the places I love the most.
Start with the cheapest one yet help me a lot through my breakfast time. The shop called Restoran Khalifah, Indian moslem food shop that sells (so far) the best roti canai with curry I have ever had. And if you look at how many people came to this shop every day and tried it as well, I think you might agree with me that their curry is good. The best part is that the roti canai only cost you RM 1. For me it is enough for breakfast. Or even if it’s not, then order 2 or 3 roti canai and you can still save lots of money with fully loaded belly 😀 plus teh tarik or milo that will only cost you RM1.50.
And if you ever visited this place, order roti canai and roti canai only :p well other food also ok, but it wasn’t the best so I prefer the roti canai 😀

The next one would be this cute little cupcake emporium where you will feel like you’re home indulged with those delicious cupcakes, milk or other light bites. This place called Wondermilk which is walking distance from the place I stay in. Needless to say that their cupcakes rock!

Wondermilk at Damansara

If you want to have more variety of food, you can also go to the hawker food center. They have wide range variety of food from malay, seafood, Indian to western. Also ABC (ais buah campur) and other beverages, with not so expensive price if I can’t say cheap.

Hawker Center at Damansara Uptown

But if you are capable to eat a lot…. you might want to try to go to a place with buffet. All you can eat one. Nearby there’s an Indian Restaurant called d’tandoor. They actually serve ala carte menu, but during lunch time, they also serve buffet for RM20 per person.
I love everything especially their mutton and Naan with garlic. But wait till you try the rice pudding or kheer. Don’t get fooled by how simple this desserts looks like. Once you tried it, yummmmm… it’s heavenly good. And you would spoon for more 😀

And if you want to go to a regular buffet (like grill and steam) you can just go to one utama shoping mall. They have seoul garden who serve buffet for lunch and dinner with special discount if you have student card 😀


So those are some eat-out places I visited the most when I go to KL, although there’s one place that I would love to try but never get a chance to visit. It’s Fat Spoon… they also have this cute little shop. I hope next time I would be able to go there and have a taste on their food 🙂