Bechamel Pasta


Happy 21st day of Ramadhan. Yes, for muslims all over the world we are all doing fasting for 30 days in this holy month of Ramadhan. And how time flies! It feels like yesterday was the first day of Ramadhan and now 21st already. May the Almighty bless our Ramadhan this year, accept our good deeds, and make it possible for us to experience the next year Ramadhan, inshaaAllah.

During Ramadhan, usually most houses will cook something rather special for iftar or breakfasting, as this holy month also consider special. And being far from home, I do miss all my mom’s food. But at the same time, being a wife also make me have to think of what kind of special food I need to serve my husband during Ramadhan. I’m a rookie on egyptian food (I consider 2 years being a rookie because I dont have that much vocabulary yet on egyptian food & I’m not egyptian), best I can do is to make something nostalgic for him, something that came from his mom’s recipe that will remind him of home as well (we both live far from our contry), It may not be a sophisticated dish or a complicated one ,but at least it hits the purpose.

So today, I decided to make a bechamel pasta after I peeked on the kitchen fridge to see what we have. This is actually a simple yet tasty dish to make if you have people come to your house. It doesn’t take long time to stay in the kitchen as well if you are fasting. here is the recipe.


Bechamel Pasta

150 gr of penne pasta (cook for 7-10 minutes on boiling salty water)

Bechamel Sauce:
2 tbsp of oil/butter/samna
2 cups of flour
2.5 cups of milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Mince Meat Mix:
2 tbsp of oil/ butter/samna
1 onion
100 gr of mince meat
1 small tin of tomato paste
1 tsp of oregano/zaatar (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
1-2 cup of water



Mince Meat Mix:

1. Heat oil/butter/samba on a pan and put onion until fragrance. Add mince meat and cook until changing color.

2. Add tomato paste and mix well, than add one cup of water.

3. Seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano/zaatar. Mix it well until the water amount reduce. As for me, i like to add more water to it so the meat will be more moist and the seasoning well absorbed. So if you like you can add another cup of water and mix it well until the water reduce again.



1. Heat oil/butter/samna in a pan, and than add flour gradually and mix it well. Add milk one cup at a time and stir well. The sauce needs to be liquid, not thick and sticky. Or whisk flour in cold milk until all dissolve, add the mix gradually to the heated oil.


1. Pre heat oven 175 C / 347 F

2. Grease oven dish with a little bit of oil. Spread half of the cooked pasta on the bottom, add half of mince meat mix and cover with half of bechamel sauce. Repeat the process. Put another half of pasta, another half of mince meat and another half of bechamel sauce. Last bechamel sauce needs to cover the whole surface.

3. You can add any spread cheese on top as an option (parmesan, mozarella, chedar, rumi cheese, etc). As i dont have cheese at the moment, i skip this option.

4. Bake in oven for about 1 hour until firm and the surface become golden brown color.

5. Serve hot.








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