Devil’s food cupcake (posted on June 18th, 2011)

I can only drooling when i saw cupcakes on tv or elsewhere. Not many people/place sell nice cupcakes. i mean, the one with less decoration on it. I want the simple one but you will craving for it over and over again. I did try to buy cupcakes from different places, but the thing is,  here…  all the cupcakes are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to sweet (at least for me). Nothing is good with the word “too” in it.
So, I’ve been wondering whether i will be able to make (a good) cupcake or not. I had this Martha Stewart cupcakes book for quite a while, but never had the guts to really make one of it, until recently.
At first I did follow exactly the recipe, but it turned out still way too sweet for me. And i mean waaay to sweet. So i kinda modified the ingridients. And after my 4th attempt, i finally be able to make one good cupcake (at least for me). And by good i mean taste and the look 🙂
so, here it is.. My Devil’s Food Cupcake



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